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Are all NITROs Equal?

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Nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee is all the rage. It's been said that the summer of 2015 represents the tipping-point in the market for cold brew. Everybody seems to be preparing and selling some sort of version of the stuff.

It's pretty clear. Simple iced-coffee is no longer good enough.

But, are all nitro-infused coffees the same? Some would say, "yes." That nitro-infused coffee is only cold coffee under some nitrogen pressure. Unfortunately, it's more than that.

Not all "nitro" coffees are the same. In fact, they're actually very different. How? It all starts with the coffee bean. Then it includes the roasting profile, the aging of the roasted coffee, the grind, and the soak. After that? It's all about the adding the right amount of nitrogen and the final packaging.

Our research has uncovered that nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee has become a refuge for less than great coffee beans and coffee roasts. It seems to be a way to put less expensive, lesser quality beans together into a mixture that is ground, soaked, infused, and packaged. It would appear like the industry thinking is, "hey, it's cold coffee so we don't have to be as careful." Not good.

What we've learned is that the best nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee starts from the sourcing of the bean and a careful process from roast to delivery. And that nitrogen-infused coffee is not just another way to prepare, package, and serve bad coffee.

At DISTRICT we take the same care and attention to the crafting of our NITRO cold-brew coffee as we do our small-batch, hand-crafted coffees. We start with the very best beans, roast them to an exacting profile, grind to our specifications, then soak in our proprietary process. Once we do all that, we put our NITRO in bottles, not cans (what's that all about?), to preserve the flavor and freshness.

Be careful when you choose your cold-brew coffee drink. Don't compromise quality, freshness, consistency, and experience for convenience. Always strive to source and drink the best!

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