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DISTRICT  |  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe DISTRICT  |  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
DISTRICT  |  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe DISTRICT  |  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

DISTRICT | Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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A second great Ethiopian coffee from DISTRICT Roasters!

Ethiopian Organic Yirgacheffe

This coffee comes from the YCFCU (Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union). The coffee displays the hard work and dedication of one of the members, the Konga Cooperative representing 2400 small holder farmers that distinguish themselves by their impeccable attention to detail in processing.

Ethiopian heirloom varietals are chosen from the forest and transplanted to small gardens, adding a layer of selection to the incredible complexity available among wild coffee plants. Farmers hand-sort for unripe and overripe cherries. Coffee is pulped with a 5 disc pulper and wet fermented for 24-36 hours. After some sorting based on density, the fermented coffee is washed in clean water before drying for 1 to 2 weeks on cloth drying beds. Workers cover the coffee with plastic at midday and at night. Once dried, the coffee is screened 14 and up.

In keeping with DISTRICT Roaster's value of giving back, the Konga Cooperative's mission is to give back to their local community through renovating schools and providing school supplies.

Coffee Specs:

  • Region: Yirgacheffe
  • Altitude: 1900-2300 meters
  • Variety: Arabica, Heirloom Varietal
  • Process: Fully washed, dried on African beds
  • Aroma: Cane sugar, lemon
  • Body: Smooth
  • Acidity: Lemony, sweet

Flavor Notes: Apricot preserves, sweet lemon, delicate florals, smooth body. Pleasant, subtle complexity with a hint of jasmine.

Enjoy the Best! Enjoy Ethi Yirgacheffe!

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