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Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

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From Papua New Guinea!

Kiam Kopi Limited is a wet factory in the Waghi Valley turning cherry coffee into parchment. The company only purchases cherry that is of consistent color and that has been freshly picked from a select group of local growers. The coffee is pulped, washed and fermented for 72 hours before being transported to the drying field to be dried naturally by the sun and hand-sorted.

At the root of this operation is Waghi Bob Hargreaves, an eccentric grower who has been adopted by the tribes of the region. Bob offers farming input and spearheads social initiatives for its employees and the surrounding community.

If you choose our kraft bag, the marking for this coffee is an image of Waghi Bob flanked by two Waghi region stone axes known as Kujin.


Aroma: Light Earth, maple syrup, chestnut

Flavor: Caramel, Fresh Earth, and Vanilla

Cup Characteristics: excellent balance between bright acidity and earthy, caramel flavor. Very clean finish

Roast Level: We roast this coffee City+ and achieve the very best results to the sip.

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