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DISTRICT | 4th Wave Coffee

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Since the beginning of coffee there have been waves of product and market maturity.  Each one bringing new levels of value and quality to the customer.

Recently this trend has been accelerating.  Coffee consumers have become more discerning, seeking new flavors while connecting their coffee experience to improving the world.

Up until now the coffee world has been stuck in a "3rd wave" coffee experience, with a growing backlash around issues of integrity in product, marketing, and customer experience. The terms "fair trade" and "organic" have become watered down to the point of almost being meaningless. And it is easy to find coffee importers, roasters, and brewers that claim what they can't deliver.

We're tired of this and are setting out to do something very different. Instead of just talking about improving the world, we're actually doing it!  Instead of representing source, quality, and integrity as marketing options, we're delivering exactly what we say.

We're calling this the 4th wave.  A wave of renewed integrity that creates 360 degrees of source and reinvestment without breakage along the way.

The 4th wave is a movement of transparent end-to-end transactional, product, customer experience, and reinvestment activity. With no compromises.


Take a peek at the matrix below.  You'll want 4th wave coffee.  Join the movement to integrity, quality, and changing the world - one DISTRICT at a time.

Coffee Type Specialty Integrated Average Good Specialty
Source District/Farmer Continent/Country Country/Region Region/Area
Availability Where You Are Grocery Store Coffee Chains Small Coffee Brewers
Experience 360 Degree Craft Basic Coffee Shop Artisan Shop
Flavor Distinctly Great Variable Consistent Very Good
Aroma Excellent Strong Good Excellent
Fair Trade Yes No Maybe Yes
Direct Trade Yes No No Maybe
Organic Yes No Maybe Maybe
Reinvestment at Source? Yes No No Maybe
Worldview Global Improvement Cheap Coffee Product Status


Isn't it time to do something good for yourself and the world?  Isn't it time to restore and benefit from consistent integrity? Join the movement.