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Chiapas Mexico Coffee Beans With Overlay Bag Of Chiapas Mexico Coffee Beans
Chiapas Mexico Coffee Beans With Overlay Bag Of Chiapas Mexico Coffee Beans

Chiapas Mexico Coffee Beans

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The Mexican state of Chiapas is arguably the richest coffee-growing region in North America. Knowing that, how could we resist sourcing beans from there? Our Chiapas Mexico coffee comes from farmers in the state’s Productores de Café de Motozintla (PROCAFEM) coop. The group was founded in 2002 with a mere 20 members but has since grown to a party well over 300 throughout the communities of Siltepec, Bella Vista, Escuintla, and Motozintla. We deeply value our relationship with PROCAFEM, as they work diligently to provide in to subsistence farmers in the area. The group also places a special emphasis on the preservation of the maya-quiché culture that represents many of the area’s residents, including local farmers and coop members.

More About Our Chiapas Mexico Coffee

Grown deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre, our Chiapas Mexico coffee beans come from a region dominated by pine-oak forest, cedar trees, and lush ferns throughout the overpoweringly green landscape. Because of the beans’ unique flavor profile, this is one delicious medium-roast coffee that brews exceptionally well in virtually all brewing methods - even espresso.

So how does it taste? The first thing you’ll notice is an earthy, sweet aroma. As this coffee brews, the quality of the beans becomes apparent as soon as the scent starts to rise. In the cup, the coffee boasts a creamy body for a unique and delightful mouthfeel. The flavor profile features hints of baker’s chocolate, vanilla, rich clove, and various other spices. This coffee is a real treat!

Pro-Tip: If you’re interested in learning more about making exceptional coffee at home or experimenting with different brewing methods, this is a great coffee for trying new things.

Purchasing Options

If you’re ready to bring our Chiapas Mexico coffee beans home, it’s available in a variety of sizes from 8oz all the way up to 10 pounds. If this is one you can’t get enough of, we do offer a regular subscription service as well. Set the intervals that work for you and we’ll deliver freshly-roasted beans to your door automatically.

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