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Colombia | Laderas del Tapias

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Sourced directly from a cooperative of farmer's in Colombia this very unique and exciting coffee may redefine what you thought possible for a Colombian bean!

Laderas del Tapias works in Colombia with local small holder farms and their families to ensure that they have the resources to make excellent coffee and receive a wage far above average for the region. This allows the farmer's and their families to thrive off the coffee they work so hard to produce. We are honored to showcase their excellent work.

The bean we have chosen was grown by Rodrigo Pelaez and his family and exclusively a caturra varietal. Grown around 1900 m.a.s.l. ensures that this high grown bean is exciting and extremely palatable.

We hope that you'll love it as much as we do!

Aroma: Fruity, bright, lively, berry

Flavor: Rich black cherry, extremely fruity, with a nice mild dark chocolate finish.

Cup Characteristics: Bright and lively fruit-forward with a balanced and soft acidity.

Roast Level: City / Medium roast. Appears darker than it is actually roasted due to being a naturally processed coffee.

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