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DISTRICT  |  Aeropress Combo Kit
DISTRICT  |  Aeropress Combo Kit

DISTRICT | Aeropress Combo Kit

$ 45.00 $ 51.00

The DISTRICT team puts a lot of time into testing and developing our coffees. So, when we bring a coffee to market, we want our customers to Enjoy the Best!

We feel a major contributor to having a DISTRICT coffee experience includes the methods in which our coffees are brewed. For a single 10oz cup of coffee, we love the AeroPress coffee maker from Aerobie. We've partnered with Aerobie to provide you the best single cup espresso and coffee brewer combined with any of our 12oz. whole bean offerings of your choice.

So, order yours today and do coffee the DISTRICT way! We roast the best so that you get to Enjoy the Best!