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Ethiopia | Hamasho Washed

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Now this is an Ethiopian that continues to put a smile on our face! Cupping is a joy when this coffee is in the lineup! First impressions begin with a complex jasmine florality on the nose. Followed by a medley of dried berries, balanced by a lemon lime acidity, all wrapped up in one of the most distinctively clean cups you'll have enjoyed in a minute. We cannot speak highly enough of this coffee!

The producers of this coffee live in the beautiful Bombe mountains of the Sidama Bensa region. The name is derived from the "Hamasho Washing Station" owned by Daye Bensa. Daye Bensa and his team work closely with the growing number of farmers in the area to provide them with the best prices for their cherries and resources for continually improving the quality of their produce.

This particular coffee is grown exceptionally high resulting in an incredibly dense bean packed with flavor. Let us know what you think! (PS. It gets even better as it cools down!)

What We Taste: Jasmine, dried berries, lemon lime acidity. Exceptionally clean cup.
Process: Washed
Varietals: Local heirloom.
Altitude: 2300+ masl
Roast Level: 2 (Scale of 1 being lightest to 5 being darkest)

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