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DISTRICT | Scout Update


DISTRICT Roasters Coffee Scouts are directly improving Burundi coffee quality and farmer productivity!

DISTRICT Roasters pioneered the integration of US-based coffee companies with Burundi-based agricultural uplift by partnering with the Long Miles Coffee Program.

DISTRICT Roasters expanded the Scout program by 300% in one quarter, allowing 3x the farmers to benefit from training designed to further organic farming and pest control as well as increase crop quality and yield.

All of which directly benefits you (the coffee consumer and drinker) and the Burundian coffee farmer (better crop, better yield, better wages). We call this 360º of integrity!

We're happy to report that the DISTRICT Roasters Scout Teams have jumped into the new year 2015 with a number of on-going activities:

  • In Bukeye Burundi, the Scouts continue to participate in research for the National Agricultural Research Institute on Antestia and the efficacy of the IPM (pest management) program.
  • In Heza Burundi, a program of farmer trainings have begun with both LMCP agronomists facilitating the sessions and supported by the Scouts.
  • The Scouts are prepared and conducted a ceremony this February to mark the 'opening of season.' The production was prepared and hosted by the Scouts with the help of our two agronomists. The event presented the success of the 2014 IPM campaign (number of farmers trained, number of Antestia captured etc.) to the local farmers and introduced the upcoming farmer training events for 2015.

The rest of the Long Miles team are all busy preparing to open the washing stations for coffee production mid February.

DISTRICT continues to support the Scout program throughout 2015 as a way to directly provide jobs, better farming techniques, higher coffee quality and yields to the farmers.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT. JOIN DISTRICT Roasters and DISTRICT Distributors and make a direct difference in Burundi, Africa.

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