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DISTRICT likes to mix things up a bit. To come up with new flavors that excite our customer base while bringing new products to market.


Our customers have come to appreciate the freshness, aroma, taste, and creativity of our experimental blends. We're confident you will, too.


DISTRICT experiments with a bunch of combinations, including:

- Different coffee from different sources
- Different flavors from other sources (think whiskey, wine, chocolate, etc.)
- Different roasting options


All with an eye toward bringing something new and exciting to you!


We do these as limited opportunity, short run products. So quantity is always limited.


Right now we've some stuff in the lab that is "brewing" and should be out soon. So check back and see when we have something available for your brewing and sipping pleasure.


Join the movement.  The movement to DISTRICT. Where you can enjoy the best that coffee has to offer and make a difference in people's lives around the world.