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  1. To bring you the most amazing coffees from all over the world, hand-roasted to delicious perfection, then packaging and delivered with care.
  2. To re-purpose profits back to the source for the eradication of economic, physical, and spiritual poverty around the world.

We call this 360º of Integrity: from source to market to source.


Direct to you. Because we sell directly to you, on-line or at farmer's markets, we offer higher quality coffee products without the usual retail markup. Each DISTRICT coffee product is tied to a humanitarian cause in one of the poorest regions of the world. We tell you where the money goes in a tangible way.

For example, buy any of the Burundi coffee products and you'll directly help build clinics, children's homes, and provide needed agricultural training to the farmers in the Bukeye and Heza districts of Burundi.

We call this 360º of Integrity: from soil to sip and back to soil.


    Every coffee product is guaranteed for source integrity, quality, direct and fair trade, and organic.

    Each coffee order is guaranteed to have the freshest, hand-roasted, artisanal coffee, packaged with care, and inspected for quality.

    We guarantee to use the best shipping option possible, balancing cost with handling and speed of delivery.

    We stand behind all of our products and the customer experience you demand.

    We call this 360º of Integrity: from experience to product to order to delivery and back to experience.


    DISTRICT Roasters was formed in 2014 by a small team of folks dedicated to seeing the elimination of economic, physical, and spiritual poverty.  To see freedom restored to those that live under the tyranny of economic, physical, or spiritual slavery.

    We decided to make a change by getting directly involved in the second largest commodity (behind oil) in the world; a commodity cultivated and sold by millions of farmers with a rich history of enslavement to poverty as they serve the consumptive needs of the west.

    DISTRICT is a perfect alignment of value.  Great, unique coffees to western markets and profit redirection back to the same farmers who cultivated the coffee.  You get the very best coffee and, with every sip, directly reinvest at the source. You help farmers, their families, and their communities taste freedom from the cycle of economic, physical, and spiritual poverty and enslavement.


    We’re often asked why we picked the name DISTRICT.

    It’s pretty simple.  The name embodies our tight, narrow focus on a particular part of the world for extraction and reinvestment.  Instead of viewing the world through the lenses of borders, economies, or politics, we view the world as a small, easy to see and visit DISTRICT where we can develop deep and abiding relationships that makes great coffee and see the direct benefit of it’s labor.


    Three distinct, related components:

    1. Product: DISTRICT Roasters is on a mission to identify, qualify, source, roast, package and deliver the best coffee product experience available in the market.  All the while connecting our customers, markets, and the industry to the larger story of liberation of the “least of these”, around the world.

    2. Operations: Complete product, market, program, project, and fiscal integrity.  While others “sell out” for money, profit, fame, success, or whatever, we remain committed to the vision for the long haul.  Not compromising in any way.  We answer to many, including our customer who demands integrity.

    3. Culture: We value people.  From the farmer to our customer back to the farmer and their families, with our own people in between.  We value people and the relationships we create with them.  Within this, we foster a culture of respect for authority; singleness of purpose; effective communication; the value of rest, recreation, and reflection; respect for human life, dignity and rights; stability of the family; proper allocation of resources; honesty and integrity; interpersonal loyalty; fidelity to the vision and mission; and, personal development.


    It’s pretty simple.  Purchase our products and spread the word!  Don’t just purchase and drink just any coffee but, instead, become a part of a life-changing story.  One where you have the best coffee experience possible and where every time you take a sip you are connected back to the source and have directly contributed to the elimination of poverty and hopelessness.  All without having to travel or leave your home.

    Join the story.  Become a part of the solution, starting right now.