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Based in Houston, Texas, DISTRICT Roasters is a fourth wave coffee roastery fighting for the eradication of economic, physical, and spiritual poverty around the world. We do so by re-purposing profits back to the original source. That means we partner directly with independent coffee farmers across the globe to bring you the finest organic coffees available.

We call this partnership 360º of Integrity—from source to market and back to source.

The Mission That Drives Us

We are guided by an overarching mission comprised of three distinct, related components:

1. Product: DISTRICT is on a mission to identify, qualify, source, roast, package, and deliver the absolute best roasted coffee beans available. All the while we will be connecting our local customers, markets, and industry to the larger story of liberating “least of these” all around the world.

2. Operations: DISTRICT is committed to complete product, market, program, project, and fiscal integrity. We are not here to “sell out” or “make it”. There are no numbers on any bottom line that will sway us from the mission at hand. We’re in this for the long haul.

3. Culture: DISTRICT sees the value in people. From our partner farmers to our customers and back to the farmers and their families, we live in between. We value people and we value the relationships that bond them. Within this, we foster a culture of respect for authority; singleness of purpose; effective communication; the value of rest, recreation, and reflection; respect for human life, dignity, and rights; stability of the family; proper allocation of resources; honesty and integrity; interpersonal loyalty; fidelity to the mission; and personal development.

So Why Coffee?

Most don’t realize it, but coffee is the world’s second-largest commodity behind oil. DISTRICT was formed in 2014 by a small team committed to seeing freedom restored to those living under the tyranny of economic, physical, and spiritual slavery. To this team, coffee was the natural and obvious choice.

Cultivated and sold by millions of farmers worldwide, coffee production is infamous for its rich history of enslavement and exploitation. DISTRICT is committed to putting a stop to these heartbreaking traditions while bringing unique, flavorful coffees to western markets. We do it for the sake of redistributing profits directly back to those farmers whose very hands cultivated the fine product we offer.

What Does DISTRICT Mean?

People ask why we chose to call ourselves DISTRICT. The simple answer is that the name embodies the tight, narrow focus we place on specific parts of the world where we commit to working with and investing in. Rather than viewing the world through the lenses of borders, economies, or politics, we strive to envision small, easily identifiable districts where we can develop deep and long-lasting relationships that will both yield great coffee and also recognize a direct benefit of its labor. We know that what we do here in Texas is changing lives throughout the world because we’ve been there and seen its impact with our own eyes.

Why We Sell Direct

Houston is important to us. We consider ourselves a part of the community - a local coffee roaster with a global mission. We sell directly to you, either online or in area farmers markets, so that we are always able to offer the freshest, highest quality roasted coffee products without the usual retail markup.

Because each DISTRICT coffee product is tied to a humanitarian cause in one of the world’s poorest regions, we strive to cut out every cost we can for the sake of supporting our partners. This enables us to tell you where your money goes in a tangible and transparent way.

This is how it works:

Buy any of our Burundi coffee products and you directly aid in building clinics, children’s homes, and providing much-needed agricultural training to farmers in the Bukeye and Heza districts of Burundi. Source to market to source.

Our Guarantee To You

Each and every coffee product we offer is guaranteed for source integrity, quality, direct and fair trade. On top of that, all our coffees are also organic. Each order is guaranteed to have the freshest, hand-roasted, artisanal coffee. We inspect every batch we roast for quality and use only the most efficient available shipping options to balance cost with a careful and speedy delivery.

Simply put, we stand behind all our products and we stand behind the experience our customers will encounter. We believe in what we do because we are intentional, detail-oriented, and committed to a higher standard.

Where You Come In

Believe it or not, you play a crucial role in our mission. We are here to enable our local community to not settle for merely purchasing coffee, but to become a part of a life-changing story - a story where everyone wins. Our customers enjoy an unrivaled coffee experience while knowing that each sip connects them to the elimination of poverty and hopelessness. Want to find your place in this story?

Shop Our fresh-roasted coffee products and find your starting point in this journey.