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DISTRICT Roasters Trustmarks

Our Trustmarks

Fair Trade: We promote better trading conditions to promote farmer and agricultural sustainability. We do this by working with exporters to increase farmer wages (a premium over traditional or local rates), to increase agricultural yield at the source (through training), and the infusion of ever increasing environmental standards – all for long term viability and sustainability.

DISTRICT Roasters does not participate in any formal fair trade organizations as required fees raises the price of the coffee while taking away funds that can directly go into more farmer-oriented activities.

Direct Trade: We source many of our coffees directly from the farmers or associated producers.  We directly work to increase farmer wages (premium over prevailing or local), provide training to increase yields, and adoption and adherence to very high quality standards. Beyond this, we work at the source on specific projects around community development, healthcare, water, and educational opportunities.

DISTRICT Roasters doesn’t belong to any direct trade associations as our standards are beyond what is traditionally called direct trade.

Certified Organic: While many of our coffee products carry the “certified organic” label, all of our coffee products are cultivated using organic-qualified methods.  By this, all of our coffee is grown and produced using organic mulches, fertilizers, pesticides, and farming techniques.  DISTRICT Roasters is committed to and strictly sources only those coffee products that use organic-qualified methods with no exception.

Fourth Wave: Beyond first-, second-, or third-wave coffee efforts, this is about coffee on mission.  To learn all about this, visit the 4th Wave page. 

LMCP Trustmark

Other Trustmarks

Long Miles Coffee Project (LCMP) Trustmark: A unique (and growing, we hope) set of values by the leading coffee producer in the African country of Burundi.  The LMCP Trustmark ensures that the coffee you grind, brew, and drink has been prepared with the greatest care and quality.

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The combined value of our Trustmarks mean that you can have confidence in the people, process, product, and vision and mission of DISTRICT and its partners.

Join the movement, today.  Get on mission and start enjoying the best in coffee products while also helping the world become a better place - one DISTRICT at a time.