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DISTRICT Hunts the Bug!

Great coffee starts at the source. And by the source we mean at the tree and with the farmer.

In many places insects destroy vegetation at an astonishing rate. For example, did you know that one little Antestia bug can destroy 40% of the yield of one coffee tree? We gotta get rid of those things!

DISTRICT has teamed up with Long Miles Coffee and sponsors numerous SCOUT teams to do just that - eliminate those pesky bugs! What's the byproduct of getting rid of those bugs?

  • A better quality cup of coffee (the coffee cherries are better)
  • Higher crop yield for the coffee farmer (more coffee per tree)
  • A reduction/elimination of what has been called the "Potato Defect" (this is a really good thing!)

Why is this important? DISTRICT is all about incredibly great coffees, full integrity from the source to the cup and back to the source, and we're on mission to help farmers and their families better their quality of life.

Won't you join the mission? Become a part of changing the lives of subsistence coffee farmers around the world. Choose DISTRICT and become a part of the team that substantially reduces the crop (and livelihood) damage caused by insects.

C'mon, make a difference around the world through your choice of coffee roaster and coffee products. Every sip you take, every NITRO you drink directly participates in helping farmers grow their crop, yield, and families.

Go ahead, learn more. INSTAGRAM Link.


Join the DISTRICT. Make the choice for superior, fourth-wave coffee, still prepared in hand roasted, small batches and delivered to you with the best in presentation, aroma, and taste.


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