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LMCP Scouts

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DISTRICT Roasters is pleased to announce that we are leading a pilot program with Long Miles Coffee Project.

DISTRICT and LMCP are working together to increase the number of teams that go into the surrounding hills, working directly with coffee farmers on organic farming techniques, organic mulching, organic pest control, and increasing coffee quality and yield.

Working under the supervision of trained agronomists, the Coffee Scouts bring needed assistance to subsistence coffee farmers - investing time, training, information, and relationship to improve lives and coffee quality.

DISTRICT, in conjunction with our partners, are sponsoring three new teams in Burundi.  This represents a 300% increase in the number of teams and significantly demonstrates DISTRICT's commitment to direct investment at the source.

To learn more about Long Miles and how they use the Scouts, click here.

C'mon, join the movement.  Make a difference.  Choose DISTRICT for all your coffee needs.

By doing so you will be directly partnering with DISTRICT and LMCP in helping those that need help the most. This is 360 degree integrity from the soil to sip and back to the soil.

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