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While DISTRICT Roasters has built a strong reputation for bringing delicious fresh coffee beans to the greater Houston area, our purpose is in something greater. We never set out to become just a local coffee roaster but rather to excel at what we do so that we would be able to create a lasting, global impact in some of the world’s places of greatest need. Everything we do serves a bigger picture.

We founded our business on partnerships that we like to think of as 360º of Integrity. That means that we source our product directly from the people we work with. That product in turn becomes the delicious coffee so many have come to enjoy and, in exchange, we’re able to support our partner farmers by reinvesting in their operations and livelihood. From source to market to source, to speak.

Here we’ll show you some of the mission critical projects that our loyal customers are enabling us to support in the African nation of Burundi.

Long Miles Coffee Project | DISTRICT Scouts

Training Long Miles Coffee Project FarmersThrough our ongoing partnership with Long Miles Coffee Project, we are helping to fund the employment and training of young Burundian men and women who are being taught local, practical, and organic farming techniques. LMCP Scouts go out in teams to work hand-in-hand with local coffee farmers. These Scouts are tasked with helping the farmers understand how to increase yield through organic mulching, fertilization, and pest control techniques.

DISTRICT directly supports and funds three Scout teams that serve the Burundi districts of Bukeye and Heza. You can read more about our partners in this endeavor, the Long Miles Coffee Project, on our Partnerships page.

Supporting a Local Women’s Health Clinic

Burundi Partner Women’s Health Clinic CareMost people aren’t aware but in Burundi, 1 in every 125 women don’t survive childbirth. The event proves fatal for 1 in 17 babies. In the Bukeye district, where we’ve committed to working hand-in-hand with coffee farmers and their families, there is no facility that directly supports complications that may arise during birth. The clinic with which we have partnered serves over 90,000 people for primary care with a special emphasis on maternal and fetal medicine. This project is overseen by our dear partner, Cries of a Child.

The Village Children’s Home

The Village Children’s Home in Bukeye BurundiJust adjacent to Burundi’s Bukeye district lies the Muramvya commune. Within this commune you’ll find The Village, a safe haven where children are able to learn abundantly, grow securely, receive healthcare, and, most importantly, gain hope in a largely hopeless environment. Through our relationship with Cries of a Child, we’ve been able to help support this home.

What Makes These Projects Are So Important

At DISTRICT, we believe in pressing in and we’re committed to making a difference. Each of these projects exemplifies what we strive to accomplish and showcases what it means for us to reinvest in the nation of Burundi. If you’ve ever worked in a management position, you can understand the value of professional Scouts working with local farmers to help them be more efficient and more effective. If you’re a woman, you should understand what reliable personal and maternal healthcare can mean for you and your family. If you’re a parent you understand the importance of providing a child with a secure environment. Each of the projects discussed above has a practical benefit with a lasting profound impact. We’re working to support efforts such as these, that will empower individuals and strengthen communities.

We’re always looking for honorable partners. If you are a part of a company or organization with a similar mission to ours, we should talk. Even if you’re a dedicated individual with a global mindset, we hope to hear from you. There may be room for collaboration and, as you likely know, together we’re greater than the sum of our parts. If you want to join the movement of helping to eradicate economic, physical, and spiritual bondage, please reach out to us and let’s explore what we can accomplish together.