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Y'know, coffee is a big thing.  In fact it is the second largest commodity behind oil. But, then, you knew that. Right?

At DISTRICT we're eager to bring some history, arcane facts, and market data that you may (or, may not) find interesting.  Check back from time to time and we'll continue to add more.


(a tip of the hat to the creator of this fun image)


This is a chart dealing with US Specialty Coffee Consumption (2014 data from the Specialty Coffee Association of America). Where are you in your specialty coffee consumption? If you're buying DISTRICT, you're a specialty coffee drinker!


Your body naturally makes some stuff called cortisol. Cortisol help you feel awake, alert, and ready to go. It's the natural "pick me up" that you get by simply waking up every day. Take a peek at this handy image and see when cortisol does its magic...and when you might want some coffee.

On the other-hand? Why depend on cortisol. Go for it. Drink coffee all day...



Fitness and watching ones body weight and fat content is all the rage. Yet, we'll drink 4, 5, 6 or more cups of coffee a day.  What in the world is that doing to our body? Is it adding fat or additional calories that make me have to work out more?

The answer is that it depends. Depends on the type of bean and the way you prepare it. For starters, a 6oz. cup of BREWED coffee:

  • has about 5 calories (remember, it's mostly water...)
  • has 0 carbohydrates, no fat, and 0 sugars
  • add some cream and one sugar, you get to about 50 calories

How about brewed espresso? Still pretty good.  All things being equal, a brewed espresso will be about 2.5% fat, while brewed coffee will be about 0.6% fat.

This is the good news. After this, well, it's your choice and your body...

Here are some examples of where you end up if you add stuff to your coffee:

  • 20oz. White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino:  620 calories, 17 fat grams, 78 carb grams, and 74 sugar grams.
  • 24oz. Cookies and Cream Javalicious Drink:  690 calories, 13 fat grams, 110 carb grams, and 79 sugar grams.
  • 22oz. MacCafé: 680 calories, 18 fat grams, 96 carb grams, 87 sugar grams
  • 24oz. Seattle's Best Raspberry Mocha Kiss: 660 calories, 12 fat grams, 105 carb grams, 9 sugar grams

OK, you get the idea.  The bigger the drink and the more stuff you add will mean more time in the gym.

Keep it pure, keep it black. Your body will thank you.

More to come....