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We're often asked about how much coffee should I order? Or, how much coffee should I buy if I'm hosting a party or having an event? Even, can you guys give me an idea as to how much coffee I need to get for my group or organization or business?

To help everyone answer this, here is a handy matrix of how much coffee should you think about. We're trying to figure out how to make this an active calculator so you can put in your information and have it give you the answer. Until then use the matrix below.

There are two assumptions:

  • A cup of coffee = 8oz of water
  • For every cup of coffee you'll use 15grams of bean/ground coffee to brew.

To use the matrix you need to know two pieces of information:

  1. How many people do you want to serve?
  2. How many cups of coffee will each person drink?

Once you know these two answers, look down the left side of the matrix to find the number of people (or an approximate number), then look across the top of the matrix for the number of cups a person would drink. At the intersection of those two is the approximate number of ounces or pounds (depending on the matrix you're looking at) you'll want to think about purchasing.

Other than this, you're on your own. Tell us how we can improve this. We'll give it our best shot.