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Business Purchase Program

When you’re at the office why compromise on coffee quality? Contact us and tell us you want DISTRICT coffee at your place of business.

The program has four components:

    1. Choice: Variety is the spice of life, even at the office. Choose from a single or multiple coffee origins. You have freedom to try coffees from around the world, bringing variety and flavor to your employees.
    2. Freshness: Your office and employees get the freshest roast, packaging, aroma, and flavor. We anticipate when your coffee will arrive and be consumed. We roast it just before it ships or is delivered.  Never settle for coffee that has been sitting on the shelf for weeks or, as is common, for months.
    3. Just-in-time Predictability: Receive and enjoy the freshest on a regular basis, just as you need it.  Never think about ordering coffee, it shows up when you need it without hassle.
    4. Best Pricing: Shipped or delivered in 5lb bags, on a regular interval, earns you our best coffee pricing.  You get the best price we offer on the freshest coffee products available.  The more you buy the better the discount!

    To learn more about our coffee pricing, delivery options, and terms please click to call +1 832-971-8262 or give us some information on our contact page.

    Go ahead. Join the movement to better coffee, integrity, and improving the lives of those at the source.   Enjoy the best even at the office!