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District Nitro Cold Brew Seal

We were pretty surprised and stoked by the email from Fox News in NYC. Not sure what to make of it, we shipped the NITRO coffee that they asked for.

Well, here you have it! DISTRICT NITRO was featured on a morning segment called "CHEW on This", by Ali Rosen and Sky McCarthy. The segment featured the "all stars" of the NITRO coffee scene.

The segment really focused on the idea of "creamy texture" and foamy head instead of taste. Yep, a bit of a disappointment as the taste is the heart and soul of a good drink.

DISTRICT NITRO was singled out as, " delicious iced cup."

What's the big difference between DISTRICT and the other nitro coffees? Two.

  1. they have an aluminum can with an internal "widget" that re-nitrogenates the drink at the time of the pour (hint: we don't do aluminum cans or use widgets; instead we use longneck glass bottles as a nod to our Texas heritage and, well, things just taste better out of glass)
  2. we have the best tasting nitro in the marketplace; mmmm, good (so says our customers...)

So, it's up to you now. Looking for a great, foamy nitro drink? Or, looking for a great tasting nitro-infused coffee drink with 230mg of caffeine to get you through the day? We hope you're going for the taste!

You be the judge. Here is the link to the online Foxnews segment.

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