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DISTRICT Coffee Scouts

Our Burundi-based coffee partner, Long Miles Coffee, has sent to us the DISTRICT Coffee Scout second-quarter report.

Here are the highlights of what we accomplished together last quarter:

  • Trained over 2000 coffee farmers in cherry selection, soil properties, fertilization, mulching, pest control & disease management, and Antestia eradication
  • Introduced the Brix meter to the coffee selection process
  • Started an aggressive pruning season to help next year's crop quality
  • Conducted research with the "Superior Institute of Agronomy in Burundi" (university) in the use and effectiveness of various organic pest control techniques and materials
  • Built key and sustaining relationships within the local communities, and within the government, as we serve the local people

Why not try some Burundian coffee from DISTRICT. Know that every cup you prepare and sip is giving back to those who need it most. And, know that that investment is growing the quality of people's lives as well as improving the quality of the coffee we deliver to you - our valued DISTRICT customer.

Learn more about what is happening in Burundi and about what DISTRICT is doing to help (click links below):

Long Miles Coffee Project

#thegreatbughunt and #districthuntsthebug

Also, click here to get the most recent PDF report on what DISTRICT is doing in Burundi.

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