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DISTRICT Loves Farmer's Markets

Farmer's Markets are important to DISTRICT. Make no mistake about it.

We like Farmer's Markets for four reasons:

  1. Environment: DISTRICT is dedicated to the relationships created in the 1:1 atmosphere of a farmer's market. It's about people working with people.
  2. Home Grown: DISTRICT is proud of our local heritage, location, and people.
  3. Craft/Trade Approach: DISTRICT is a small, hand-roasted coffee producer committed to small business success. We celebrate the trades and craft-oriented approach to products, services, food, and commerce.
  4. Organic/Natural: DISTRICT works hard to ensure that it's products are free from chemicals, pesticides, additives, or any GMO stuff. We like being around and working with people dedicated to healthy food, healthy living, and a great lifestyle.

One of our "showcase" Farmer's Markets is in Tomball, Texas. Right around the corner from our roastery location, the Tomball Farmer's Market is made up of the premier local growers, craftsmen, and artisans.

The market happens every Saturday from 9A-1P, rain or shine! It's held at the corner of W. Main Street and Walnut, downtown Tomball. C'mon by and see us and all the great local produce, food, and products that make Tomball unique and great!

Join the DISTRICT. Make the choice for superior, fourth-wave coffee, still prepared in hand roasted, small batches and delivered to you with the best in presentation, aroma, and taste.


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