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From Strife Comes Greatness

Uncertainty, strife, turmoil, growing internal conflict. This is Burundi. It's also where some of the greatest coffee comes from. Odd isn't it?

The east African country of Burundi has, once again, been plunged into a great deal of political, economic, physical, and social uncertainty. The conflicts of the past have re-emerged between peoples and political parties. The result has been great loss of life, a destroyed infrastructure, and a people uncertain about their future.

Yet, up in the hills, great coffee is carefully grown, harvested, dried, and shipped around the world - including DISTRICT Roasters.

While DISTRICT doesn't fully understand all the circumstances within Burundi, we believe in the people and their future. DISTRICT remains committed to helping the Burundian people through farmer improvement, the building of clinics and children's homes, by elimination of the Antestia bug (leading to the dreaded "potato defect" in coffee) and to the general uplift of communities.

We do this through our partnership with Long Miles Coffee Project and other organizations serving within Burundi. Together we look to help the Burundian people improve their communities, their families, and their lives. And it's working.

Why not try some Burundian coffee from DISTRICT. Every cup was born out of strife and conflict, while giving back to the very same people. Every sip has 360º of integrity from soil to sip and back to soil.

While we have tremendous freedom and don't worry about the same physical danger as our brothers in Burundi do, we can join them in their struggle for freedom and economic and physical uplift.

Learn more about what is happening in Burundi and about what DISTRICT is doing to help (click links below):

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#thegreatbughunt and #districthuntsthebug

Join the DISTRICT. Make the choice for superior, fourth-wave coffee, still prepared in hand roasted, small batches and delivered to you with the best in presentation, aroma, and taste.

Shop DISTRICT for the very best Burundian coffee. You're gonna love it!


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