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Global or Local?


Global or local? Which is best?

We get asked this a lot. Why does DISTRICT focus on working with people outside of the US when there are a lot of worthy causes and hurting people in our local community?

It’s a great question and one always worth asking.

Simply put, both are great focuses to have.  Neither is better than the other.

DISTRICT is in response to a centuries old pattern of exploitation of people and natural resources. Exploitation that has created a systemic pattern of abject poverty, disease, economic and physical slavery with little to no hope of escape.

DISTRICT goes into those areas that have an average per capita annual income of $150-300, or less. Where the chance of contracting or having AIDS is greater than 60%. Where girls and women have a staggeringly high probability of being sold into sex slavery, sold to a man as an underage bride, or abused by people to the point of exhaustion or death. And, where families have an average of 6-8 children with no means of income or work.

DISTRICT goes to work and help where there are “the least of these.”

One might say, “well, aren’t there the same conditions right here at home?” Perhaps so.

The driving consideration for DISTRICT is when one considers local poverty and exploitation there is the availability of literally hundreds or thousands of existing programs to help. Whereas, where DISTRICT goes there may be only one to less than a handful of opportunities for help available to people.

If your passion is local, then we applaud you and want to help you make a difference right where you are. If your passion is making a difference in the world – everywhere – we ask that you join the movement by choosing DISTRICT.

Either way working together we can make a difference, locally or globally. Helping others, especially women and children, to escape the cycle of economic, physical, and spiritual bondage that holds them down.  We can all agree that's a worthy goal, right?

C'mon. Join the movement. Choose DISTRICT and let’s really make a difference!

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