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DISTRICT & LMCP Coffee Scouts

DISTRICT is really excited about our partnership with Long Miles Coffee Project, one of our Africa-based coffee suppliers and community uplift partners.

With Long Miles Coffee Project, DISTRICT has stepped up and accelerated the "COFFEE SCOUT" program. Coffee scouts lead lives that are deeply integrated with LMCP and their local communities. Their families provide coffee cherries and live on the hills surrounding the Bukeye and Heza wash stations.

Check out a video of the SCOUTS posted by our good friend Lauren Rosen on Instagram. See them in action!

DISTRICT is especially pleased that the COFFEE SCOUTS work with the local farmers on critical issues such as mulching, fertilizing, pest control, and yield improvement. All of which ensure a better and better cup of coffee for you!

LMCP and DISTRICT Roasters are partners in agricultural, economic, and social uplift at the source and in bringing the very best that coffee has to deliver to you. It's the best of both worlds when you purchase, prepare, and sip DISTRICT coffees.

Check it out Long Miles Coffee Project. Here is a convenient Facebook link and a convenient Instagram link to keep up with their work and to see how you (with DISTRICT) are impacting lives half-way around the world. It's exciting stuff!

Join the DISTRICT. Make a difference in your and other's lives.


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