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"Monstro" Has Arrived!

New Diedrich Coffee Roasting Machine

It seems hard to believe that DISTRICT has taken possession of a new roasting machine. We're blessed by the response the market has (and you have) had to DISTRICT, increasing demand for our coffee products such that we've needed to step it up a notch in roasting quantity on a daily basis.

So, DISTRICT announces the arrival of "Monstro" the roasting machine. Our newest piece of roasting equipment from our friends at Diedrich.

We're still have a laser-like focus on small-batch, hand-crafted coffee. We just need to roast more of it in a day than ever before. With Monstro, we've increased our daily roasting capacity by over 600%! Meaning that we can bring the same high-quality, small-batch, hand-crafted coffee to you without disruption or delay. It also means that we can ensure freshness of roast by being able to roast to demand, often on the same day it ships to you.

Yes, we'll still use the Coffee-Tech Artigiano roaster ("the little red roaster that could") as the lead in specialized micro-roasting and cupping activities. It has served well and will continue to do so long into the future.

Monstro goes online, at our upcoming new and larger location, in April 2015. Stay tuned on the move!

Join the DISTRICT. Make the choice for superior, fourth-wave coffee, still prepared in hand roasted, small batches and delivered to you with the best in presentation, aroma, and taste.


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