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NITRO® Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is the drink that refreshes and boosts your energy.  All in one bottle.

Healthier than energy drinks, better tasting than other alternatives, and just what you need on a hot summer day!

DISTRICT's Righteous NITRO Cold Brew is:

  • Made from our DISTRICT Righteous House Blend Coffee
  • Steeped 24 (or more) hrs in our toddy system
  • Filtered for freshness and purity
  • Infused with nitrogen for flavor stability and a little zip
  • Bottled and capped in two different sizes

Righteous NITRO is available in:

  • 12oz. Ready to Drink Bottles
  • 64oz. Growler (refillable as you need it)

Go ahead!  Give Righteous NITRO a try.  It'll rise to the top of your cold drink preferences.

NOTE:  Currently ready-to-drink NITRO Cold Brew is available in the Houston-metro area for pickup or delivery.  See the product page for instructions.

Not quite ready for a nitrogen-infused coffee drink? Want to serve your own cold brew at home?  Try our CB Concentrate. All the great flavor, concentrated so you can mix it to your personal taste.  Click here to learn more.

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NITRO® Cold Brew