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DISTRICT Roasters NITRO® Cold Brew

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We hate to brag but around Houston, we’ve developed a bit of a reputation for our Nitro Cold Brew. What makes our NCB different from others you may have tried is that it’s made using a proprietary preparation, brewing, enrichment, and packaging process that we think really sets it apart.

We start by taking the absolute highest-quality coffee beans and applying our unique roasting profile. We follow that by grinding the beans to our own specifications. Next we subject the coffee to an 18-24 hour steeping process to ensure that we’re fully maximizing the natural flavor of the beans. After that we double filter and refrigerate the coffee right away to lock in the taste. Finally, after the cooling process we enrich the cold brew with nitrogen and package in glass bottles - not aluminum cans! - for the absolutely best presentation, flavor, and experience.

It’s a lot of work but you will appreciate the difference.

Purchasing Options

Ready to taste the difference? Our Nitro Cold Brew comes in three ready-to-drink options:

      Individual 12oz Bottles
      QUAD 4 Pack (four 12oz Bottles)
      By the Dozen (twelve 12oz Bottles)
      64 oz Growler

As Good As It Gets?

Our Nitro Cold Brew has been featured by the likes of Buzzfeed, Fox News, and many more top publications. We really believe that this is a deliciously smooth, high-energy, cold coffee drink that is perfect any time of year. We might be a little biased but you should always trust a Texan when they recommend a cold drink!

Pro-Tip: Add a scoop of ice cream for a real treat!

How You Can Try Our Nitro Cold Brew

DISTRICT Roasters is proudly based in Houston, TX, where our Nitro Cold Brew is considered a local favorite. We serve it fresh from the tap every Saturday at the Tomball Farmers’ Market, but we do also offer it there in bottles. Because of the high cost of shipping and risk of damage to the product in transit, we no longer offer shipping on our Nitro Cold Brew bottles.

Of course, if you’re ever on our side of town, we’d love to serve you a fresh bottle at our roastery. We’re conveniently located on the northside of town and he roastery is open from 9am - 5pm Tuesdays thru Fridays. You are welcome to swing by! We’re at 9215 Solon Road, Suite B-4 in Houston. Whether you find us at the market or just swing by the shop, our Nitro Cold Brew is sure to please. And don’t forget to check out some of our other fine products while you’re here!

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