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Specialty Coffee Chocolate

Ever wanted the very best in craft, artisanal, blended coffee and chocolate? Look no further.

Imagine sitting and sipping your favorite DISTRICT coffee.  The steam is rising from the cup. The day is ahead or its' time to slow down.  Pairing the DISTRICT coffee with DISTRICT chocolate takes the experience to the next level.  The flavors commingle from the first sip or bite through to the last.

DISTRICT has teamed up with our great friends at Tejas Chocolate (Houston, TX) to bring explosive, espresso infused chocolate for your eating or snacking enjoyment. Specialty goodness in every bite!

No compromises are made in quality, texture, aroma, and taste.  Each chocolate bar is hand-crafted, hand wrapped, and hand packaged with care and attention to every detail.

The market has spoken. And they love it! And so will you.

Join the movement to great coffee and now great chocolate.  All created and delivered with you in mind while also changing the world around us for the positive.


Specialty Coffee Chocolate
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