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Unroasted Green Beans

Having the opportunity to savor the best coffees from around the world is a privilege that we want to share. So, from time to time DISTRICT Roasters offers some of its direct trade, fair trade, and organic green bean coffees for sale to roasters.

You get to bring in coffees that you wouldn't ordinarily stock and avoid the costs associated with direct trading coffees from across the globe.

You're assured high quality green beans that have passed rigorous quality assurance standards while also adhering to our very high standards for direct and fair trade practices and organic farming techniques.

All of our green coffee is cupped and Q-graded to you know what you're getting.  We will also provide the optimum roasting profile upon request.

Go ahead, check out our limited offer whole green bean coffees. Join the movement and bring the very best to your customers and consumers.

We know you'll come back for more.

Unroasted Green Beans
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