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Guatemala | Finca Los Conejos

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Producers Karen Bonilla and Julio Cesar Ordonez Montenegro have worked hard to present a truly excellent coffee! Finca Los Conejos, or "rabbit farm," got its name from the many pet rabbits the family kept on the farm. It is known fondly among local childen as "the farm with all the rabbits."

Karen Bonilla, the owner of the land since around 2019, discovered a coffee plantation that had been left to grow back into the wild. After hiring some local coffee experts in the region, she determined that the plantation had healthy plants and rich soil that could easily be recovered with the right care and attention. This motivated her to ultimately produce her first crop in the 2020 season. Since then she has not only expanded the plantation, but with a background in biology, has begun experimenting with cutting edge processing methods. 

This particular coffee has undergone a 120 hour extended anaerobic fermentation before being naturally processed. If you've had an anaerobic fermented coffee that you didn't enjoy before, we would encourage you to give it one more chance! By comparison to some we have had in this past, this coffee does not have any funky characteristics to it. Instead, the coffee has a quite unique almost jolly-rancher candy-like sweetness that has to be tasted to really be understood. The foundation of the cup is markedly Guatemalan with nice round chocolate and nut characteristics, which altogether make a very enjoyable cup across all brewing methods! It is especially interesting as it begins to cool, one cup of coffee has many shades of flavor! 

We hope you'll give it a try and let us know what you think!  

What We Taste: Juicy plum, cashew butter, with a complex acidity and candy-like sweetness.
Process: Anaerobic fermentation, naturally processed.
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Pacamara, Mundonovo, Geisha
Altitude: 1700 masl
Roast Level: 2.5 (Scale of 1 being lightest to 5 being darkest)

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