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Nicaragua | Regalo de Dios Red Catuai Natural

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Now this is a coffee we think you should try! Back in 2022 we purchased a single 70kg bag of this coffee for our Roaster's Choice subscribers (who often get access to unique coffees that we don't always put on the site). But after roasting and enjoying the coffee, we immediately wished for more!

Finca Un Regalo de Dios (translated literally "a gift from God") is truly a unique and particularly special place to grow coffee. The farm has loose sandy soil, with great amounts of humus, alongside an annual rainfall of between 55in and 63in. In addition, the area has a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora, with an abundance of broad-leaved trees and conifer species. The combination of these factors creates a truly unique atmosphere for coffee growing! 

This particular lot is a naturally processed coffee of a single varietal, Red Catuai. We have roasted this on the lighter side of medium and find it has a very savory and naturally sweet body with notes of wild honey, candied plum, almond butter and cacao nibs. As it cools the different notes become more or less prominent. 

This coffee was imported in partnership with The Coffee Quest, whose growing team of staff and farmer partnerships are committed to transparency, long term sustainability and quality. We're thrilled to present this coffee to you all! 

What We Taste: Wild honey, candied plum, almond butter, cacao nibs.
Process: Natural
Varietals: Red Catuai
Altitude: 1350-1800 masl
Roast Level: 2 (Scale of 1 being lightest to 5 being darkest)

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